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At home or away, from your smartphone, tablet or computer... your PAYSIMA account is always close to you! Track your budget, SMS alerts, categorise your spending... PAYSIMA has come up with simple, practical tools to help you manage your money and put money aside for your projects..

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Accounts, cards and a diverse range of investment and savings products, as well as insurance, trading and digital services to manage and grow your capital every day.

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Accounts, loans, investments, risk coverage and online services for the management, growth and protection of small and medium-sized enterprises with a turnover of less than 75 million euros.

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Expertise, experience and innovation at the service of large companies. Tailor-made solutions for the development, innovation and internalization of companies whose turnover exceeds 75 million euros.

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We wanted to build the best online bank, the one that meets your needs. But we know the world is changing and your expectations are changing.

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81% of our customers say they are satisfied, and that's just the beginning! Our ambition is your satisfaction, so we have a clear and simple objective:
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PAYSIMA is committed to providing high quality service and we attach great importance to your needs and your business relationship with us. Your satisfaction is our aim !



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Online banking

For us, each client is unique: its objective is to understand the specificities of each situation, and to provide a personalized service that meets the expectations and needs of each one as closely as possible.

We make it easy to send money abroad

Transfer money abroad to over 30 countries, with excellent currency exchange rates. It's fast and much cheaper than a transfer with traditional banks. Your money is safe with us because security is at the heart of everything we do.

We accept everyone

We believe everyone should have access to financial services. That's why we make opening an instant mobile account as easy as possible.

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Our rates are easy to remember: most of the day-to-day transactions you carry out from your customer area are free.

Cards and services

Prices (€)
Subscription allowing you to manage your accounts online and PAYSIMA applications. Free
Product offering SMS alerts on account status Free
International debit card (Visa Classic) Free
Deferred-debit international payment card (Visa Classic) Free
Systematic authorisation payment card (Visa Premier card) Free
Withdrawal in euros from an ATM other than PAYSIMA in the euro zone using an international payment card Free


Prices (€)
Single transfer via the Internet at or with the tablet and mobile applications Free
Single transfer via an advisor. 3,90€