Home Guarantee Guarantees
Basic guarantees
  • Fire

  • Broken glass

  • Water damage

  • Disasters and natural events

  • Theft and vandalism

  • civil responsability

  • criminal responsibility
Additional guarantees
  • Electrical damage to devices

  • New value guarantee for appliances, hi-fi equipment
    and IT under 5 years

  • Legal protection in the event of a dispute

  • Guarantee "financial losses": relay
    the payment of monthly mortgage payments subscribed(1)

  • Assistance services in the event of a claim
    or relocation
Additional guarantees(2)
The Financial Pack To increase the financial protection of your assets (doubling the amount of movable capital and valuables(3) guaranteed).
To remove damage deductibles(4)
The Home Pack To extend coverage to specific equipment in your home: liability civil related to swimming pools, damage to verandas over 9m and to outbuildings and adjoining premises(5)

An attractive price

With Garantie Habitation, you are guaranteed complete protection at a competitive rate.

Simplified management

From your secure customer area My online bank, section « Insurance / Guarantee
Habitation » :

  • Perform a personalized simulation
  • save your quotes (valid for 3 months)
  • finalize your online subscription
  • find all the documents relating to your contracts
  • download your insurance and school certificates


Guarantees offered

  • Protecting your means of payment

    In the event of loss or theft of your means of payment (checks, bank cards, Moneo), the bit sums of your bank accounts(1) are refunded to you.
  • Theft of your cash

    Cash withdrawn from an ATM(2) for less than 24 hours and thefts
    à you are reimbursed for the result of an assault.
  • Your keys and important papers

    - The keys to your main residence (front door, gate, garage including the remote controls)
    are insured.
    Replacement and locksmith costs are also covered.(4).
    - In the event of loss or theft of your official papers (identity card, passport, gray card,
    driver's license), the insurance covers the costs of replacing them(3) .
  • Your fraudulent telephone communications

    the insurance covers the reimbursement of communications made fraudulently
    following the theft of your mobile phone(5).
  • Your leather goods

    If your purse or wallet is stolen along with your means of payment,
    insurance allows you to receive an indemnity of 75%, intended to compensate all or part
    of the damage suffered(6).


  • In the event of theft, Employment Service vouchers are also reimbursed(1).
  • In the event of a break-in of your bank safes, we will reimburse you for the keys, the break-in costs
    and the restoration of the trunk.
  • The boat and fishing licenses are replaced as well as your identity papers.