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Contractual documentation and letters of credit

The sales contract will often list the mode of transport, and other documents the importer must clear the goods through customs and meet other import requirements when they arrive. The exporter will usually need to present all of these documents to trigger the importer's obligation to pay. The list of documentation therefore requires attention so before signing it is important to ensure that all required documents are available and can be produced. If the wrong documentation is provided, or the documentation contains errors, the importer may refuse delivery. In addition, delays and resulting additional costs may be held for the responsibility of the importer. Obtaining the documentation right is particularly important if payment is made under a Letter of Credit (LC). These are irrevocable (generally) commitment to pay upon presentation of certain documents before the expiration date indicated in the LC. CLs are generally issued by banks shortly after a sales contract is signed. They give an exporter greater certainty that they will be paid to the point that they ship the goods, because as long as the exporter can present the proper documents to the issuing bank before the LC expiration date, the issuing bank is required to pay. Given this responsibility, banks check documents submitted under Letters of Credit very carefully to ensure that they comply with the terms of the Letter of Credit. It is therefore extremely important for exporters to verify that the documents required are those they will be able to deliver before the LC expires. If there is a delay in shipping, or documentation changes in any way, the terms of the LC should also be changed to match. It is important that this be done as soon as possible, to ensure that the amended Letter of Credit is received before the goods are dispatched..